The taste of Italy just around the corner

De Pizzabakkers, Haarlemmerdijk 128, Amsterdam

Now this is want I call seriously good pizza. A thin crispy crust, authentic tomato sauce, tasty mozzarella and fresh basil leaves. At the Pizzabakkers they got this funny trademark ‘enjoy a glass of prosecco while waiting ‘til your pizza is ready’, which makes waiting of course no problem at all. You can take your pizza out, but also eat inside the small bakery. Upstairs they have this cozy room, where you probably will have to share a table with people you don’t even know, since it’s so tiny up in there. Each month they try out a new pizza and they also serve lunch, but only on Saturdays. So, looking for great pizza (for only about 9 Euros each) and a nice atmosphere to wine and dine? Haarlemmerdijk 128 it is..
By the way, their Foccacia Romana as antipasti is delicious!


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