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Videojug, I’m a big fan. I think this website (and Iphone app) with its huge database of ‘how to…’ movies is awesome. I’ve already watched so many of them. Like for instance how to win any argument, how to do the world’s best banana trick, how to insert contact lenses and how to stop laughing at inappropriate times. Needless to say, I learned a lot watching these movies. There are all these channels with different subcategories. Some people make a video just for one time, but there are also these experts at work who upload new how to’s on a very regular basis.
            There’s for instance Chef Jessica, who has all these great Asian recipes and gets filmed while preparing them. Wanted to try her sweet and sour pork ever since I saw her making it. The Fashion Police, with their Beauty 911, told me how to wear my leggings in a flattering way.
And there’s the Making Millions channel, which gives you all sorts of great advice like ‘How To Think Like A Millionaire’, and ‘How To Prioritize Your Goals When Visualizing Wealth.’ That might come in handy one day! Oh and I absolutely like the Clothing Stains channel. Did you know that you need dishwashing liquid , ammonia, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and hot boiling water to remove chocolate stains from your clothes? Too bad I do. If I can’t reach my grandmother for advice,I check the Clothing Stains channel when I spilled a glass of red wine over my carpet. Oh don’t forget Jacqueline Hanson from Amy Cleaners, she always knows how to make your grouting look as good as new (ha-ha!). And do you have some time left for a little exercise? Why don’t go for the ‘How to belly dance?’ It looks pretty easy on the video I must say. 
            No kidding,
I think it's great how there's this collective intelligence at work. Yes, you may laugh at me for using that word, talking about people with their home made videos. But I think collective intelligence isn't all about using shared intelligence in business and computer science and stuff, but also in situations on a more regular basis. It’s so good that people who actually know a lot about something (first impressions, phone batteries, giving birth, caring for goats, photographing a nude man etcetera) share their knowledge on a voluntary basis. Hmm, since I use their videos so much, perhaps I should start my own channel in return. Any ‘how to’-suggestions?

Ps. For all the love birds out there, what about this How to say in it Chinese!
Phonetically ‘I love You’ sounds a bit like “Whoah Y Nieh” and ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ like “Chieng Yen Djeh Quwhy Luh”. Always good to know, right?

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