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Bagaholic, Makati Avenue, Manila

When I saw this store, I sort of reacted like one of those girls on MTV’s Sweet Sixteen who just got her first convertible BMW. Like a maniak! 
I really love bags. Sorry that is an understatement, I absolutely adore designer handbags. It is my number one favorite material possession! You know what, I would actually call myself a ‘bagaholic’ ;)
            When I entered the store, I almost got giddy with all the beauty surrounding me. All those fabulous bags, with almost 50% off! And let me remind you, in the Philippines you can always, anywhere, bargain, even if the price is already extremely low. The bags at Bagaholic are pre-owned, that’s why you get such discount. But why bother, since they all look brand new and leather actually looks even better when it’s been used for a while.
            Even though I enjoyed spending time in the shop, trying all the bags, I didn’t buy any of them, since we had a whole vacation ahead of us and it would be really dumb to spent all our money on one bag. Right?
             To bad they don't have a webshop, so if you do happen to visit Manila sometime, look for Bagaholic! It’s located in Makati, the business of area of the city, inside the Streetside Renaissance Hotel.

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