No I didn’t make the big mistake spelling my blog title wrong. This blog surely is about curiosity1, but also about a curious city. With curious citizens who live in it, longing to find out where to go.
             I haven’t been everywhere in the world, far from. But I do have some favorite places around the world, such as fine shops, great restaurants and other remarkable spots. And I’d like to share those with you, those who are also curious to find out more. So you can try that delicious pizza, extraordinary cocktail or fantastic shoe shop for yourself.
            Not only will I share my favorite places with you, I’d also love to tell you about other things I like. Nice books, fine food and hot trends in fashion. Nifty new gadgets, entertaining blogs or enjoyable music players. And I highly encourage you to share your favorites and experiences with me, so we can all find out about the great places and fine stuff this world has to offer. So follow, share and read and become a citizen of Curioucity.

 [1] Being anxious or interested to learn

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