Oh Romeo

Casa di Giulietta, Via Cappello 23, Verona

I love Verona, it’s such a pretty city. In the middle of the Piazza Bra (a beautiful big square in the town center) you can find the old Roman amphitheatre, where gladiators used to fight, but where you can visit the operas now. After the show, the whole piazza gets filled with people having late night dinners, listening to some of the artists who come out of the Arena to sing some more for them. And there’s the Ponte Scaligero, an impressive bridge with a stunning view over the city. You can keep walking around in the city trough narrow alleys, which lead you to more beautiful churches, buildings and small hidden restaurants. There’s the amazing Piazza delle Erbe, another square with nice restaurants, shops and a market. Look at all the beautyfull houses surrounding the piazza! Oops, I got carried away by talking about one of my favorites places in Europe, while I actually wanted to tell you about one specific place in Verona.                       
        Who doesn’t know the famous love story of Romeo and Juliet? About their impossible feelings for each other and it’s tragic ending. Even though there are people claiming Romeo and Juliet didn’t really exist (I’m surely not one of them), still one of the main tourist attractions in Verona is Juliet’s house (Casa di Giulietta). You can stand on her balcony, imagine Romeo singing his love serenade for her, and take a look in the house where a small museum is located. But, that’s not really what I like about this place. It’s the entrance hall of the courtyard with a big wall (know as Juliet’s wall) filled with loves messages from people all over the world. It’s said that writing your name on this wall, will make your love everlasting. (Hm, that might be a little bit undue, but I like the thought of it). It’s funny to see how people actually used about anything to write their love letters on. When they didn’t bring a piece of paper with them, they used sanitary towels, napkins, plasters or candy wrappers instead. Glued with chewinggum or even spittle, their messages spread the love for about another day, until the wall is full again and the cleaners come to take them all down again. I know that might be a little bid a sad thought, but hey, it gives you a good reason to visit Verona every once in a while!

No wonder why the city center of Verona is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, right? 

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