Spicy Crabs at the night market

210 Temple St, Jordan, Hong Kong

This place brings back the best memories. It was my first time in Hong Kong (to be exactly, my first hour in Asia) and I totally got overwhelmed by everything. The heat, the smell, the people, the streets, the neonlights.. 
            Before doing anything else, we went straight from the airport to the Night Market on Temple Street. 
(If you want the cabdriver to bring you there, just say: tempestreethnighmaaketttt and hell know). It was very late and we were hungry after our flight. We just sat down at a little table (in the middle of the street) and ordered two bowls of plain rice, two beer and two dishes we couldnt even pronounce. One of them turned out to be sweet and sour pork. De-li-ci-ous sweet and sour pork. A bit sweet, a bit sour, crispy pieces of meat and fresh (well, kinda) pineapple and peppers. And while eating all this great food we just kept smiling at each other and in de mean time we looked at all these new impressions around us. (You know about the table manners of Chinese people right? Well, there actually was one guy who took off his shirt,  dried off his soaked armpits and face with it, sneezed in it, and putted in back on. Nice!)
         Since this place is so special for me, I really needed to share this one with you. I had to do some research since I couldnt fully remember the name of this place, but by using Google Maps, Flickr and the photos I made that night, I discovered the name of the restaurant: Spicy Crabs.

I understand Hong Kong might be a little bit out of reach right now for some, so if you want to try some sweet and sour pork that comes close to the one I had at Spicy Crabs, go to Nam Kee (a very famous Chinese restaurant at the Zeedijk 111 in Amsterdam. 


  1. Wow mooie blog heb je! Leuk met al die foto's zo!X

  2. Wat gaaf! Wel jaloers, Hong Kong lijkt me fanstastisch!

  3. Vind je blog echt heel erg leuk. Er zouden meer van dit soort blogs moeten zijn! Ik ga je volgen via bloglovin!