Sushi unlimited

Shabu Shabu, Ferdinand Bolstraat 18, Amsterdam

Picture: sushi2home.nl
I love sushi, especially when the quality is high and the price is low. Unfortunately most of the time cheap sushi is not that great and you still end up paying about four of five Euros for just a couple of maki’s. Luckily the unlimited sushi formula has come to Holland from overseas and the quality for an all-you-can-eat-sushi-dinner is pretty good! Recently Shabu Shabu opened their first restaurant in Amsterdam. It’s a big place but I really liked the interior and it still feels cozy. For about 23 Euros you can order unlimited sushi for two and a half hours. Though, make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach, because they charge extra for each piece you order but don’t eat. Shabu Shabu serves Delicious maki, sake and tamago but be sure to try the warm dishes such as springrolls, yaki tori, ebi tempura (fried prawns) and edamama (salted soya beans) too! And don’t forget to order yourself a cold dry Asahi beer, because it will make your dinner taste even better. Itadakimasu! (bon appetit)
Shabu Shabu has restaurants in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Denhaag, Leiden and Zoetermeer.
           By the way, some other great unlimited sushi places are Sushi Qube and Zumo in Rotterdam, Hasekura in Utrecht and Ask de Chef in Arnhem.

Ps. If you feel like making sushi at home, maybe you can try this ;) It’s just a crazy toy, but I think it's very funny. 

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