Love on a stick

Chocolate Company, Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 2, Maastricht

Jup, that's what it is, love on a stick. When you order a hot chocolate at the Chocolate Company, you get a cup of warm milk and a chocolate spoon (a wooden stick with a big piece of chocolate on it. They have more flavors than you can count, but some of them are praline, very dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, hazelnut and even hot pepper (that one tasted surprisingly good!). I loved their Brownie Walnut Bourbon Vanilla variation so much, I accidentally ate the most of it before putting in into my hot milk. Oh and I should not forget to mention all of the jummy pastries they sell in their store.

            Since they only have 3 stores in The Netherlands (and the other one in Belgium and Germany), there's some great news for you and me. Their web shop is opening soon! So we'll be able to make their delicious hot chocolate at home. I hope they'll be selling their mouthwatering chocolate bars as well..

       But for now, visit their cozy boutique in Maastricht (or Den bosch or Kerkrade). I bet just walking past the shop will lead you automatically inside, 'cause the smell of all those chocolate treats is too good to resist..    

Ps. Talking about Maastricht, there are a few other places I want to recommend you:

Kiki Niesten and Stylesuite, in the Stokstraat. Here they sell all these fabulous designers shoes, clothes and bags. Well, actually the whole street is definitely worth a visit, since you can find a lot of amazing shops over there. Must say, they’re all pretty expensive, so it’s also the perfect street to go window-shopping. 
Il Giardino (della Mama), Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 15. In for some real Italian food? Then you should go to this restaurant. It’s noisy and small, with waiters yelling at each other like you’re really in Italy, but they serve excellent authentic food and the ambiance is great. A bit pricy, but serious good quality! 

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  1. Wat leuk! Ik vind het altijd leuk als ik zoiets in een cafe krijg :)