Move over to the dark side

Lilly Vanilly, A zombie at my cupcake!

I like my cupcakes with flowers, hearts and a lot of soft butter cream on it. Though, the British Lilly Vanilly thinks quite differently. On her cupcakes you can find no butterflies or florets, but all different kinds of horrifying scenes: chopped off fingers, large insects, mummies and bones. Beside the unusual decorations, these handmade cupcakes are prepared with particularly special ingredients, like avocado and bacon.

            In her book ‘A zombie ate my cupcake’ Lily gives away some of her secret recipes for the first time. The cookbook is illustrated like a horror story and contains, like the cover of the book already tells, about ‘25 deliciously weird cupcakes recipes’. Doesn’t names like rotten ragworm, eerie eyeball, morbid merinque bones and radioactive slime speak to your imagination?

Even though I think the idea is great and original, I’m quite conservative when it comes to pastries.  I like traditional colors, designs and decoration. So you might understand why ‘Pretty Party Cakes’ by Peggy Porschen was just the right gift for me. I know they might be a little bit too tough for me, since I’m just a beginner and she already made cakes for Stella McCartney and Elton John, but I get so enthusiastic when I open up this book. Check out some of my favorites below.

            I did some research, guess what. There’s this whole world of pretty cake books. Hmm, I can see Cakes for Romantic Occasions, Cakes to Inspire and Desire, Wedding Cake Art and Design and Spectacular Cakes: Special Occasion Cakes for any Celebration standing on my bookshelf.

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