Back to business

Over a year has passed since I wrote my last blogpost on Curioucity.

A year filled with traveling, studying, writing, eating, loving, shopping, reading, making photographs, sleeping in hotelbeds, packing my bag, moving houses, switching jobs, meeting new people, failing, learning, discovering, developing.

Things have changed around here and I'm ready for a new Curioucity adventure. How about you?

Photo: Porto Ercole | Italy



What: Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea

Why: 1) jummy taste 2) look at that pretty bottle 3) you only pay 0,99 cents

True story: I originally know this drink from one of our trips to California a few years ago. I loved the bottle so much, I wanted to take it home with me (well, not before my sister and I had a serious fight who could have the bottle.. I won, of course). At customs they gave me a really hard time, so I had to empty the bottle (and break it's beautiful seal), but eventually I had the bottle with me on our flight back. And now, 4 years later, I can just BUY one at the supermarket near my house! Well.. At least mine's made of glass, just sayin'.



Who: Coco Chanel, or actually Madame Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel

Why: the person who asked ‘why?’ obviously don’t know what we’re talking about here. Why? Hellooo.. Chanel Classic 2.55 with golden hardware- that’s why!

More: Coco Chanel was a groundbreaking lady in fashion, with her garconne-look and 'misérable de luxe'-style. Or like she once said: "elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress" and "fashion fades, only style remains". Some serious wise words, right?



What: fashionable drawings by Belle Knol

Who: yeah.. I kinda ask myself the same question. I saved these amazing drawings on my desktop a few weeks ago and ran into them today while 'cleaning' my images folder. And now I seriously can't find them anymore online!

Where: I'm still hoping for the golden tip!



What: Pata Negra, probably my all time favorite restaurant in Amsterdam

Where: They have two locations, one on the Utrechtsestraat 124 and one at the Reinwardstraat 1 (the one I prefer!)

Happy: Whoah, happy would be some sort of understatement. Eating here makes you euphoric and overjoyed! They serve the best tapa in Amsterdam, starting with their to die for alioli with bread. Patats bravas, berenjenas y calabacin fritos, albondiga's, queso frito, yum yum yum. Predominantly Spanish staff, great music and a big can of sangria: close your eyes and you’re in Barcelona. 

Money business: Count around €20/€25 per person



What: I love Vintage, a fancy vintage store with a modern twist

Where: Prinsengracht 201.

Why: They sell the perfect combination of second hand clothes and new clothes with a vintage (like '20, '30 or '70) vibe. You can also find great shoes, bags and handmade jewelry. I love Vintage also has a web shop which you can visit on a screen in their boutique. Pick the items you like and they get them for you out of their stock. That puts online shopping in a different perspective!

Très spécial: I couldn't take a picture of the back of the shop, so another reason for you to go check out their store and find out why I couldn’t..



What: a perfect Friday evening meal

Where: at Perla, a wood oven pizza place in the center of the Jordaan, located at the Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 14

Why: because they absolutely make the best pizza in Amsterdam. They get their mozzarella di bufala fresh out of Napoli two times a week and their tomato sauce is just perfect. It’s always crowded and you always have to wait for your pizza, but I assure you it’s totally worth waiting for.

More: there’s only one big table inside the ‘restaurant’, but you can also eat the pizza on your lap outside or sit at the windows (and read the Italian Vogue along with a Pèrrier Citron, woopwoop).



What: My favorite motivational speaker, Nike.

Why: I have some serious running issues. When I close the door behind me, all dressed up for a nice long jog, I immediately regret it. Approaching the end of the street, I'm already "f***, it's burning! F****! I can't feel my legs!"

So: Than I ask my friend Nike for some advice and he tells me stuff like 'somebody who is busier is running right now' or 'victory is paid for in sweat, courage and preparation'. And I'm like 'Yeah, you’re so true! That's why! Come one man!' and I keep on running. (most of the time..)