A little bit to nearby to resist..

Lily’s Cupcakes, Tea Bar, Haarlemmerdijk 71

Sparkling vanilla.. very berry vanilla.. death by chocolate.. lemon twist….

Well, doesn’t this picture says more than thousands words? Jummy, jummy, JUMMY!
Located on the Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam you can find the Tea Bar, a cozy little place where you can find all different kinds of tea (-supplies). However, the fact that they’re selling these delicious cupcakes over there, is for me the main reason to visit this shop once in a while.
They do not only look delicious, they taste awfully good as well. A spongy cupcake topped off with perfect buttercream and some cute decoration.

            Having a party? You can easily order (them online with a minimum of 9 pieces) and pick them up at a store where they sell Lily’s (you can find the addresses here:

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