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‘I like’. These words always remind me of the hilarious character Borat (by Sacha Baron Cohen) in the similar titled movie, who howls out “Ai Laik” every time he gets the change. More commonly known and used, is the ‘Like’-button on Facebook, which most of us use about a few times each day. With Facebook still growing bigger and bigger every day, the terms used on this social media site are slowly finding their way into the physical world. And now it’s getting even easier to express yourself in a Facebook-way with these hilarious (and also kinda absurd) stamps from Kanubi. Did you try a new recipe you loved or plan a fun night out in your agenda? Grab your “Like”-stamp! Received a high cell phone bill or a bad grade on your paper? Definitely worth a “Dislike!”-stamp!. You can buy them at Kanubi.com for about 15 Euros. And once you’re there, check out their other fun stuff as well. I really like their cute mirror stickers, handy pink ladies toolbox, choculator and sweet handwarmers.

Ps. Have you ever changed your Facebook language? It’s very entertaining! If you choose Pirate English ‘Like’ becomes ‘Arr!’ and ‘My friends’ are ‘Me hearties’! Oh and watch what happens when you switch from Dutch to Afrikaans: 'voeg de talen toe die jij spreekt' changes in 'voeg tale by wat jy kan praat' and 'mensen die jij misschien kent' becomes 'ken jy hulle?'. Don’t forget to remember with which tab you changed your language, because ‘account settings’ 
doesn’t really sounds a lot like ‘Ye Ship’s Rigging’!

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