The perfect basics

Brandy & Melville, 59 rue Notre Dame des Champs, Paris

I read about this store somewhere on the internet and when I visited Paris last January, I had to find it. Mostly because they only have a few shops in Europe (the most of them in Italy, since it’s an Italian brand). Their store it located on rue Notre Dame des Champs, behind Jardin Luxembourg, next to mostly shops for children, antique and housekeeping.
            At Brandy & Melville you can find great basic shirts, blouses, skirts and dresses made of nice fabrics for a good price. I only bought some stuff of their basic collection, but they also got a few special items and some accessories (like scarfs and hair ribbons). In my opinion it’s definitely worth the walk, especially when you walk through Jardin Luxembourg since that park is nice visiting itself.

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