On the sweet side of life


All pictures fromTartelette
I’m pretty sure everybody knows by now how I love food. But not only to eat it, I also love to make it, photograph it, talk and read about it, etcetera. Almost éverything that has to do with food (well, except for the ‘bad’ side of it, calories, love handles, you know...). One of my favorite blogs is My Tartelette from Helene Dujardin. Helen worked as a Pastry Chef and a as photographer, such a perfect combination. Not only her recipes are exceptionally good, she also makes such amazing photos of her food and the ingredients she uses. And everybody who ever tried to take a picture of food knows, that isn’t the easiest thing to do (iewh, restaurants with photos of the food they serve on the menu cards, always a bad thing).
            Try to visit this website and not start mouthwatering. I bet you’ll fail 

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