Seriously good sandwiches

 B&B Catering Service, Rokin 100, Amsterdam

Last week, I was pleasantly surprised by a new lunchroom. I usually avoid eating in the area around my university because of  the high priced/low quality "touristfood". So my expectations weren’t that high already, but entering the place (and noticing their ugly interior) I literally had to tell myself that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. At this point you must be wondering why I even bothered eating there... Well, their muffins and other cakes in their window looked absolutely delicious (even though I still don’t understand why they put plants in between them).
            But, more important than the plants between their sweets or their ugly furniture, are the delicious sandwiches they serve. There is a lot of choice and a fine collection of different kinds of bread and sandwich fillings. We ordered two sandwiches to share. One "Italian sandwich" with roast beef, parmesan, sundried tomatoes, pesto and rockets which was truly delicious. The other one with goat cheese, roasted almonds, figs and rockets, was just an experiment of a girl that works there, but it was so good! The two of them make a healthy, tasteful lunch for about 5 Euros per person.
            The next day I stopped by to try one of their muffins, which they call "the best in and around Amsterdam". Normally I would definitely pick one that has some form of chocolate in or on it.  However this time I couldn't resist my curiosity and had to try the Peach & Raspberry variation. I must admit, I think it was the best muffin I've ever ate in Amsterdam! They have 2 other establishments in the city center, one in the Leidsestraat and on the Max Euweplein (facing the Hard Rock café). So, just ignore the appearance of the place and order yourself a delicious sandwich, or two..

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  1. deze plek ga ik onthouden voor mijn tripje naar amsterdam!