Such a great discovery

Ten to Three Bakery, Aert van Nesstraat 24, Rotterdam

I seriously wanted to do a little dance of joy when I walked past this store a little while ago. As you may know, I’m a really big cupcake fan, so whenever I find a store filled with these treats my heart will just beat a little faster. And not only did all of their cupcakes looked amazing, their interior is great as well. It’s extremely cozy and cheery and reminded me of a fairy tale. I decided to try one of my all time favorites: a red velvet cupcake. Phenomenal! I must say, I did had a fair share of cupcakes in my life, but this one absolutely belongs in my top 5. And you know what also made me really happy and excited about this place? The way they perfectly gift wrap your cupcake. They put it inside a little box and in a small paper bag, both white-pink stripped. Cute! And you just pay €2,25 for a Classic Cupcake and €2,75 for a Specialty Cupcake, which in my opinion isn’t expensive at all for what you get.

It’s sad (or maybe it’s a good thing, actually) that they only have a store in Rotterdam, since I would be their regular customer. And what about their concept ‘Cocktails & Cupcakes’? For €9,50 you get a cocktail and two mini Classic Cupcakes. Match made in heaven, isn’t it?
I sure can’t wait to go back!