Masterly burgers

Burgermeerster, Elandsgracht 130/ Albert Cuypstraat 48/ Plantage Kerklaan, Amsterdam

I have a thing for burgers. Good burgers. So picture this: a finely grilled burger, made off high quality meat. Fresh lettuce, tomato and pickles on it, a slice of melted cheddar cheese. A big splash of ketchup and of course fine, not too hard not too soft, bun.
            Well, that’s exactly the burger you get when ordering the biefburger at Burgermeester.  The place looks a bit like an American diner (sadly they don’t do free refill), with few big red benches which you have to share with whoever is sitting next to you. (Come to think of it, for single ladies and guys it’s actually a pretty good place to meet people. Though.. too bad there isn’t a sexy or charming way to eat a burger, is there?)
            You can add a lot of different toppings to your burger and they serve some fine side dishes to. On each table you can find some cards asking you as a customer to invent a ‘burger of the month’. When they pick your idea, you get a honorable place on the website and inside the restaurant.  It’s actually pretty funny sitting in a restaurant, hearing people around you making suggestions for new burgers. “What about turkey with egg plant and honey-mustard sauce?”
             Burgermeester is a fine place for you to go if you want a tasty filling meal for a pretty low price. Oh and definitely keep a little bit of space for dessert, ‘cause their brownie is to die for!
(In the most positive way possible)

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