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Bar Newton, Charlottenstraße 57, Berlin

Photo: Lonely Planet

I’m a big cocktail fan, so whenever I’m vitisting a new city I always try to find a nice cocktailbar. It Berlin for instance, I found bar Newton. Don't let the prices on the menu scare you off and don't take offense at some of the obscene cocktail names (triple orgasm, blowjob or sexmachine), but allow yourself to be seduced by the trendy interior and the lounge seating outside. The enormous black and white photo of the naked Walking Women, made by the Berlin photographer Helmut Newton, is a great eye catcher. And yes, the bar is named after him.   
    The prices might be a little high, but in Berlin quality doesn’t come cheap. Though, when you order a Mai Tai, it
s not only a feast for the eyes (they do make a good show behind the bar), but also for your mouth. Several different kinds of alcohol (all of their cocktails are really strong) are mixed together to create a wonderful, explosion of flavors. See the benefit? You 
only have to buy one drink to have fun all night!

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