Lenny Kravitz’ favorite (too)

L’as du fallafel, 34 Rue des Rogiers, Paris.

If you’re in Paris and happen to feel like having a healthy snack, then I know the right place for you to go. A few years ago we ran into this place accidentally, but forgot to write down the address. The following year we tried in vain to find it again and after two days we eventually did. So now, the location of this restaurant is engraved in my memory.

It’s located in the Jewish quarter (which in itself is worth a visit because of the nice vintage shops and the bakeries with their sweet pastries you find around there), at a small cobblestone street called Rue des Rogiers to be exactly. You can hardly miss it, since there’ll probably be people outside waiting for their order. It’s a bit crowded inside, so you can also decide to order at the walk-up window and walk around eating your fallafel. 

            When you order the Fallafel Special (for only 6,50 Euros), you get a large pita bread filled with tasty fallafel, hummus, grilled eggplant (delicious!), tomato, cucumber, cabbage and radish. You can definitely taste their dedication to each dish they make, since everything tastes so fresh and  well prepaired. 
            So, whenever you visit Paris, try to find this great place for lunch, dinner or a late night snack. And that’s an order J!

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