A little piece of heaven on earth

Portofino, Italy

In Europe we have St. Tropez, Marbella (Puerto Banus), Porto Cervo and Portofino. Four harbor villages, all having some sort of power of attraction for the rich and famous. Though, one of them really stands out. And that’s Portofino, a beautiful photogenic Italian village with a bunch of bright colored restaurants, houses and little shops crowded around the bay. The small harbor is filled with boats and outside the bay you find some of the bigger yachts. Although there are a Louis Vuitton, Pucci and Dior boutique, unlike the slight bragging sphere you have in villages like St. Tropez, Portofino has this totally different vibe. A great one.      
     There are two roads leading further into the village. One road shows you the big expensive villa’s in the mountains. On this side of the bay, you also find the amazing 5 star hotel called Splendido (part of the Orient Express group, check out their website and get crazy seeing all their magnificent hotels all over the world). We walked around Splendido a little bit, the last time we were in Portofino, only to find out that Madonna was there the next day to celebrate her birthday with all her famous friends. Damn! The other path, Molo Umberto I, brings you to a small yellow (and very romantic) church. Behind it, there’s this very special graveyard, and in the front you have a breathtaking view over the bay and the village.

            Stroll through Portofino, have a nice pasta in one of the restaurants around the harbor, enjoy a scoop of ice cream at gelateria Il Molo and walk up the hill for an even greater view. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it, just like I did.

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