Cocktails at the Lost Society lounge

Powerscourt Townhouse, South William Street, Dublin

You might accidentally walk past it, since the entrance isn’t located on street level. But inside this 1700s Dublin Town House, which looks a bit like some sort of dungeon, you can find an amazing looking loungebar and nightclub. While renovating the building, the architects kept the old English look of it, but added a modern twist.
            Inside the Lounge or the White Room you should definitely try one of their fabulous cocktails, since the even have their own cocktail philosophy (1. Its gotta be fresh, the fruit the juice the idea, 2. Its gotta be homemade, syrups, purees, cordials and 3. Made on the spot, every cocktail is made right there in front of you).
            How about a Golden Promise, a Passionate Punch, a Fruit Blush or even the Cucumber and Elderflower Collins? Some of them are a bit pricy, but they also have this selection of great cocktails ‘two for ten Euros’.


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