Petit déjeuner

Gebroeders Niemeijer, nieuwendijk 35, Amsterdam

Do you know where our plans on going to Paris this summer were created? Yup, at Gebroeders Niemeijer. While me and my friend were eating and enjoying our petit pains et croissants avec confiture et beurre, with some freshly squeezed orange juice and a nice cup of tea, we decided we should visit the city of lights for a few days together. This place, and this delicious breakfast, definitely reminds me of Paris (and France in general), expect for one thing: the waiters, they are actually friendly.

I heard a lot of good things about this lunchroom, their patisserie must be to die for. They sell macarons, so I certainly have to visit again. You know, to do some research on French food….  They bake their own bread in the bakery down below the restaurant, which make the whole place smell terribly good. Go there for lunch (baquette with San Daniele, gruyère or manchego Romero), for tea (tart tartin or tartelette au chocolat), for breakfast (pain au chocolat or brioche and some fresh fruit) or for take away. Just go there! (*must warn you: you might want to go to France after you've been here..)

Sorry for the bad quality pictures, I forgot to bring my real camera with me. 

Ps. You know how I love places with high quality food and low prices. Gebr. Niemeijer is another one on my list!