Hello Mr. Sun

Let me start by saying I’m not a Bieber fan. There’s no Bieber Fever at my place (even though we did had such a blast in Malapascua dancing with the local kids on his songs). But, sometimes I do have a weak spot (or should I say embarrassing weak spot?) for this kind of music. These British and American high school boys with catchy tunes and happy lyrics. Okay, well some of them might have graduated from high school a loonggg time ago, but they still fit in the same category according to me ;). Justin Nozuka, Jason Reeves, Matt Wertz (“Carolinaaa”),  Jon McLaughin, Tyler Ward.. You name it.
Anyway, I just found another one (thanks to Grey’s Anatomy’s soundtrack): the 23 year old Joe Brooks from Southampton! Get rid of your cranky dark mood and listen to this Mr. Sun on Spotify (or Youtube of course, if you do not use this fantastic player. Yet.)

Here's to the girl who holds her heart out for the world
Not worried if her song is out of key
And here's to the boy who loves the girl and tells her so
Couldn't give a damn what other people think


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