Eco-style arm candy

Well, this must be familiar to all of you: while your groceries are being scanned at the checkout, you realize you forgot to bring a bag with you. Again! By now, I have a huge collection of plastic bags (costing 19cents each) from the supermarket that’s still growing since I keep on forgetting to bring them with me. This is not only a waste of money, but most of all it’s just super bad for the environment.

So, are you already familiar with Bagladies? A company offering fashionable and funny alternatives to these supermarket plastic bags. The original concept was from Caroline Yates, who created a tote made of organic cotton. This ‘I am Not A Plactis Bag’-bag was designed to encourage people not to use to much plastic bags. While the orginal price was just 15 dollar, the bag is now being sold for about 400 dollars on eBay since it’s so popular.
Luckily, Bagladies isn’t that expensive, but their message is the same. Stop using plastic bags, start using ours. Their prices are between 7 and 50 Euros, which gives you a fancy bag made of 100% organic cotton.

Now, I see what you’re thinking: if you forget to bring one of your own plastic bags to the store, why wouldn’t you forget this bag as well? Well, maybe I like them so much, I can bring it with me all the time! (and I’m sure they will totally match with my grocery-shopping outfit: hoodie, all-stars, sweatpants *wink wink*)

It is durable, environmentally friendly and will last a lifetime; the perfect plastic bag alternative. Oh and you will look incredibly stylish of course!” (

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