This is really worth a detour

Trattoria Pocicino, Schadowstraße 11, Düsseldorf

While driving home from our little trip to Germany last week, we decided to make a quick detour to Düsseldorf. After living the good life for a couple of days (eating out both for lunch and dinner) we figured the best way to end this lovely habit was to have a final lunch at one of our favorite spots in Düsseldorf before going back to our normal routine. So we went to Trattoria Poccino.

This Italian restaurant is located inside a shopping mall called Shadow Arkaden. Let's just say that it shouldn't be judged by its interior. They have a large terrace outside, which is a great place to check out all of the upper-class Düsseldorf residents who come here to show their new wife, bag or botox (just kidding!). You can also sit inside and watch how the cooks prepare your dinner.

I love their tortellini ‘Buongustatio’, filled with ricotta and spinach topped off with mushrooms and a creamy sauce (and I think the word ‘Nudeltaschen’ is hilarious), but their pappardelle alla ‘Toscana’ are delicious as well. It all tastes very authentic, just the way I love my Italian food. Like I said, I can be very conservative when it comes to food, so all I ever order at this place was their tortellini. But it’s just so great! Note to self: next time you’re at Poccino, try something else!

Oh and did I mention the fact that this Italian hotspot is not expensive at all? Think 8 Euros for a good pasta with real parmazan, served with complementary bread and olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 


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