Finding my inner DIY

I’m always on the lookout for fine new bracelets. Recently I bought myself a few of these Brazilian good-luck-bracelets. They have a lot of different colors, all representing something like love, wisdom, concentration, success or confidence. That might come in handy on time or another, right? Anyway, I just spotted these DIY rope bracelets and I think they’re perfect! Their original design is from Miansai and you’ll pay just about 95dollar per bracelet (*cricket sound*). Definitely DIY-material!

I must admit, beside the occasional drawing or doodling, I’m not that much into crafting anymore. But, I like to make a exception for these fine accessories and go find my inner do-it-your-self-er! It shouldn't be to hard, should it? On the website they explain it step by step, accompanied by clear photos. Maybe, if they succeeded I’ll share the result with you. Or maybe not ;)