Take my bread away

Vlaamsch Broodhuys, Haarlemmerstraat 108, Amsterdam

Last week I finally had lunch at this place. I’d been there before to buy some bread and cakes, but now we’ve made it to their lunchroom. For lunch, you can order one of Dimitri’s Sandwiches, a salad or a quiche. Or you can pick a ‘savory plate’ for two, for people who can’t choose (like me). When you order such a plate, you get a fine combination of their cheeses (like goat cheese and mozzarella), sausages (salami) and salads (with chicken or tuna) and a basket filled with all kinds of bread. We sat there for about 2,5 hours and we kept on eating (okay and chatting and chatting and chatting), while ordering nice latte’s and tea’s. Big asset: you pay just 7,95 Euros per person for a plate like that, which is an incredibly good price for what you get.

While waiting for our lunch we saw a little boy eating a chocolate muffin and we almost stared it off of his plate because it looked so good (and I bet it tasted even better, since he scraped every inch of the paper cup with his fork so he wouldn’t miss a crumb of it). And as much as we wanted to try it for ourselves, our bellies were stuffed after our big lunch. So if you happen to visit it soon, try one for me!

In Amsterdam you can find Het Vlaamsch Broodhuys also at the Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat, the Elandsgracht and the Vijzelstraat. But they also have stores in Utrecht and Rotterdam.

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