My 'vintage 2.55'-dream

Moriaan, 2de Anjeliersdwarsstraat 19, Amsterdam

When I’m vintage shopping I’m always secretly hoping I’ll run into a vintage Chanel 2.55. Until now that didn’t happen… But still;)! I do like vintage shopping, but I must say most of the time I’m on the lookout for vintage design. A well hidden Alexander McQueen party dress, a Ralph Lauren purple label blazer or a pair of YSL boots, you name it. Oh yes and bags, an vintage Gucci tote (with their old monogram), a nicely weathered LV or perhaps even a Balenciaga..! Sight..
Anyway, a few weeks ago I found out about this vintage shop in my neighborhood, called Moriaan. No, I don’t think this is the place-to-be to find a designer piece (although, you never know..), but they do have some real nice dresses, boots and bangles. I really like how the shop is arranged, all sorted by color. And how you can quickly scan if there’s anything you might like, because you don’t have to dig into big piles of musty smelling clothes. They even sell children’s clothes, dating from the fifties and sixties, which are just fabulous. I mean, look at this hilarious mini blazer below:

But, what I mostly like about this shop, is that their collection is far more special and exclusive, than when you go to Zipper or Episode for instance (I mean, I’ve seen enough of these vintage Adidas jackets and Levi 501’s). Most of the collection contains clothing from the sixties until the eighties.
So if there’s another sunny day coming up, take a stroll through this small neighborhood (my favorite pizzeria, Perla, is only a stone’s throw away!) and make sure you check out this boutique as well.

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  1. Leuke tip! Jammer dat mijn citytrip Amsterdam er al op zit! :) xx