Happy List II

Things that put a grin on my face last week:

  1. The celebration of my sisters birthday on a beautiful sunny day
  2. Having prosecco and blueberry pancakes for breakfast
  3. A fountain filled with soap
  4. Trying out all of my delicious new smoothie recipes (they taste great, even though they look quite nasty sometimes)
  5. Homemade pizza with Mozzarella di Buffala from Perla, woah never tasted anything like that!
  6. Drinking a fine glass of wine while the sun slowly sets
  7. My mum’s mouthwatering pie’s, one with courgette one with tomato and brie, hmm!
  8. Singing songs around the camp fire, accompanied by the guitar (and me pretending to play the guitar …)
  9. Taking a little nap in a park in the evening sun in Weimar
  10. Buying myself one of my favorite summertime treats: frozen yogurt! @ Frozz

*Oops, while reading back my list I realize I mention food very often when it comes to happy
moments in my life. Hm, it’s true. I’m not even ashamed of it. ;)


  1. Hmm! Klinkt allemaal heerlijk! Puts a grin on my face too ;) xx

  2. good food ends with good talks <3

  3. ik krijg er honger van! haha