Happy list IV

Because of my final exams the past two weeks, I haven’t been able to update as much as I want to. But I can always sneak in some time to create one of my happy lists. Even though most of my days have been filled with studying, there are still so many (little) things that make me happy:
  1. Going to a bar with some friends only to find out there that it’s Mojito Night.. What a nice coincidence!
  2. Strawberry & blueberry French toast for breakfast
  3. Waking up with the sun in your face
  4. Fitting in a pair of Levi jeans I bought 3 years ago in the US, yaay!
  5. Buying a new bikini (umm.. or two)
  6. The fantastic high tea my mother and grandmother prepared for us
  7. Buying myself a big bouquet of tulips (and receiving one a week later, with peonies this time, pretty!)
  8. Fantasizing about the future and making exciting plans 
  9. Laughing so hard with my sister that our bellies ached, but we couldn’t seem to stop!
  10. Giggling when the dental assistant tells me I have an appointment with a dentist called Elvis.. 

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