The Invisible Man

So.. did you or didn’t you had to look twice to notice the man in the photo’s? Awesome isn’t it? The man in the pictures, a Chinese artist named Liu Bolin, observes and observes and then paints himself to look just like his surroundings. To take one photo costs him about 10 hours, just to make sure he totally blends in with his background. And no, there’s totally no photo shop at work here!
*he’s standing in front of the wheel, I seriously stared at it for a good 30 seconds before I found the guy*

Even though he’s knew for me, Bolin started this art project already in 2005. He sees it as some kind of protest against the Chinese government who make it very difficult for artists in China. He calls it his “silent protest against the state”, since he’s constantly standing still and is secretly hiding in the city.

I think it’s very funny and super well done and I can’t resist to show you a few more: 


  1. super cool! sommige kende ik al, maar die met de tractor moest ik echt ff heeel erg goed kijken!


  2. Woowwie wat vet!! Kwam dit laatst ook al ergens anders tegen. Echt absurd maar wel cool :)