Why did you buy me that?

While making long days behind my desk, studying for my exams and writing papers, there’s always this certain moment (mostly in the afternoon) when suddenly all my motivation is gone. Out of nowhere, just totally gone. It turns out I’m not the only one, according to the Cup-a-soup and the Aquarius commercials, but still. 
            I found out, that when that moment arrives, I just need to take a small break, relax a little bit and mainly: have a good laugh. After doing so, I’m back on track and the motivation roars trough my body again (well.. sort of..). Anyway, the thing that kept me up and running past two weeks, was this hilarious website I was told about, called: Why Did You Buy Me That? A compilation of the worst gifts ever received, illustrated with hilariously dry comments. Don’t worry, it’s not a site filled with spoiled, dissatisfied people. Actually their motto is: “It’s not that I’m ungrateful. It’s just that this gift was really, really bad!” Please take a look at it yourself, I bet it will brighten up your day too!

“The worst part? It smelled.” – “A birthday gift from one of my best friends… a purse in the shape of a chicken?!!” – “A stapler shaped like an EAGLE’S BEAK. What in the name of holy hell is a grown ass man supposed to do with this? I’m going to throw it off the roof and see if it flies!” -  “For the record, I’m 100% sure neither my husband nor I ever mentioned any love of dolphins…or pink shells…or toothpick holders…”’ – “Uh…it was the thought that counted, I guess” – “Wow, um… thanks… thanks for this… um WTF IS THIS THING?” – “Grandma always gives the best gifts…..Who doesn’t want a bright yellow sweatshirt with grizzly bears on it?!?”

Why Did You Buy Me That is just one of the websites hosted by The Pop Hangover Network, their others sites are quite entertaining as well. A few of my favorites:

Damn you, Autocorrect
I guess everybody with an Iphone, or any other (smart)phone, found out the hard way how annoying and embarrassing the Auto Correct feature can be. On this website, you can find all the painful and hilarious moments when someone's words got autocorrected and changed into something really weird or inappropriate.

A bit of the same genre but really funny as well is Wrong Number Texts (same painful situations ha-ha!)

Really Ghetto… Where “cheap” is an understatement
This is totally my kind of fun, I mean just read what they have to tell about it:
“GHETTO isn’t about a race, gender, or income level. Anyone can be ghetto. It’s a mindset. It’s walking around in public in hair rollers and slippers. It’s heating your kitchen using flames from your gas stove. It’s selling hubcaps in the middle of a convenience store, putting Fruit Loops in your car’s heat vents and calling it an “air freshener”, or defrosting your lunch on the hood of your car because your microwave broke. Yes, people do this stuff - and more”
Need I say more? You will totally laugh your ass off!

And last but not least: The worst thing I ever ate: stories and photos about your most horrifying culinary experiences.
Again a really recognizable one, I think everyone once had something to eat which was seriously disgusting or super weird. Airplane food? Takeaways? Nasty old candy?. They ask you to take a photo of it, to make us laugh!
“It was supposed to be ‘blueberry oatmeal’… it tasted like “blueberry vomit!”

Alright, my break is over, back to work again!

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