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Taschen, Rue de Buci 2, Paris

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The main reason why I’m writing this post is to let you know how super excited I am about the opening of a Taschen store in Amsterdam this summer. I’m a huge fan of their book collection and can’t wait to visit their shop (P.C. Hooftstraat 44).
            Ever since we’ve ran into the Taschen store in Paris a few years ago, I always want to go there whenever I’m in Paris. It’s located in the heart of St. Germain des Pres, at Rue de Buci (a really cozy street filled with a lively open-air market everyday).
            Even though I tried, I never walk out Taschen empty handed. There's always something in that store that I really really really want to buy. I love their design and architecture books, but most of all their great selection of photography books. I already got a few of their books about one of my favorite photographers Robert Doisneau. I just adore everything about his work, so if you don’t know he is, please google him and get enchanted by his romantic, funny and beautiful photographs.

            Still definitely on my wish list are Taschen Paris or/and Taschen New York, an amazing collection of great shopping, restaurant and hotels tips collected in a book filled with pretty drawings and images.

P.s. Got exhausted after shopping at Taschen (or at any other nice boutique at Rue Buci)? Go to the cocktailbar right in front of the store (forgot the name, sorry!) and order yourself a delicious strawberry mojito! 


  1. ik vind die taschen boeken heel leuk, maar vaak helaas wel erg duur, misschien hebben ze wel een openingskorting?????
    Ik zag ze trouwens ook bij scheltema liggen.

  2. Ja jammer hé! Ze verkopen ze inderdaad ook op Amazone enzo, maar mocht ik hem aanschaffen doe ik dat wel bij Taschen zelf natuurlijk :)!
    Ps. Ik ga de exacte openingsdatum in de gaten houden en hopen op een goede korting ;)