I can't wait

Due to exams and deadlines (okay, and a quick trip to Stockholm) I had to take a little break from Curioucity. But now I’m back, filled with fresh tips, ideas and other thoughts to share with you. Within a few months summer will finally arrive, but the weather’s already changing in a very good way. Planning this year’s summer vacation, brings back happy memories from previous holidays. Sleeping in motels and eating donuts while road tripping through California, being able to jump in crystal clear water  at any time of the day (or night) while sailing in Croatia, canoeing in the early morning in Canada or seeing giraffes, crocodiles and elephants in the wild for the first time in South Africa. The feeling of total freedom waking up in your tent at a beautiful lake in Norway or while riding a little motorcycle underneath the burning sun all the way across one of the island of the Philippines. Long hiking’s trough the Gran Canyon and the Alps, dancing underneath the stars at Malapascua, cuddling with baby bears in Killarney and cycling down the Champs-Élysées.

I’m wondering what this year will bring. I’m looking forward to make new happy memories J

Ps. Don’t be too critical about me trying to be creative.. I know I am bad a photo-shopper ;)

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  1. Wow kon ik dat maar over mijn vakanties vertellen! die van mij reiken niet verder dan de costa blanca, costa brava, zwitserland en london...