Let's list 'em!

I love lists. It started when I was younger, when we used to make lists of our top 5 best friends (“hey, you’re second on my lists, why am I third on yours?!”), each others worst habits (“you always steal the last cookie and you always want all the pretty furniture in your dollhouse”) or stuff we could do (“nahh.. we already made a movie/baked cookies/play dress up etc. yesterday!)”
            Growing older, my lists became much more serious. I mean, ‘what to bring from the grocery store’ or ‘make a list of the strangest baby names’. Just saying.
 I use a shopping list when I want to be sure I won’t forget anything (something that happens to me a lot: going to the store to get a specific item and bring back a bag filled with groceries, but just not the one I truly needed). And there is also the ‘goals I want to reach before I’m 30’-list and of course the never ending ‘to do’-list, but I also love lists like ‘movies I still have to see’, ‘book I want to read’, ‘restaurants I want to have dinner’ etc. They just clear my head and just writing about it already makes me feel a bit closer to reaching my goals.
            While my ‘to do’-list is (supposed to be) shrinking, the others lists are still growing every day. And that’s because others are creating lists as well! I mean, I really appreciate The World Heritage List, but it also made me want to visit all 911(!) properties on that list! Starting with say, the Sun Temple in India, The Central Amazon Conservation Complex in Brazil, Tsodilo in Botswana, The Golden Temple of Dambulla in Sri Lanka and the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picu in Peru.
And how ab
out the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards? The Ten Ancient Greek Writers You Should Know? Or the Top Ten Movies Everyone Should See ? Or Oprah’s Top-10-Closet-Must-Haves? The 1000 Novels Everyone Must Read by The Guardian? And the Top 240 Spas in North America, Hawaii, Central America and the Caribbean! Or The 20 Things Everyone Should Do In Italy!? Aahhh!
            Reason for writing this article is this hilarious book I’ve found called Listography, your life in lists. You can create your own lists, but also fill in the one they made for you like ‘list bad things you did as a kid’ or ‘list who reminds you of certain animals’. Their page filling cartoons are hilarious too.
            I’m curious. Who loves to make lists (and read others) as much as I do?

15. Making a blog post about my love for making lists

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