An oasis of rest

Zara Home, Kalverstraat 66, Amsterdam

Last week my grandmother told me about how the Kalverstraat used to be one of the most expensive (shopping) streets in Amsterdam, just like the PC Hooftstraat is right now. For those of you who know the street, this might be hard to believe. There’s actually only one expensive shop left and that’s Maison de Bonneterie (where they sell real nice jeans!). You do have a few relatively pricy jewelers, but apart from that you only find the regular shops (H&M, River Island, We, Etos etc.) and some real cheap ass (with almost always a sign ‘closing down sale’) stores.
            So whenever I feel like taking a break from this street filled with fake LV bags, fur collars, white boots and too much make-up, I enter the Zara store and take the escalator to the 3th floor, where I hit upon an oasis of rest. You’ll find (*drumrolls*)… Zara Home.
            Inside this light, spacious store you can buy all the stuff you need (or just want) for your home. Glassware, photo frames, towels, scented candles, all nicely arranged on big tables and inside cabinets. Just like their clothing sections on the ground-, first- and second floor, their Home collection also changes every season. While Spring is almost here, the assortment right now exists mainly of cheery colored tableware, linen covered with flowers and bright colored home accessories.
            Too bad, I wasn’t strong enough to resist their deliciously new stuff and treated myself to a new water jug, some glasses and two cute spoons. Aren’t they nice?


  1. Oke ik moet echt snel naar Amsterdam! heb al eens lopen kwijlen op het zicht van de website, die spulletjes moet ik echt eens in het echt zien!

    DeeD (

  2. Haha of juist niet, want je komt niet met lege handen de winkel uit ;)! X