A matter of taste

Smaak, Prinsenstraat 16, Amsterdam

How come I've never seen this store before? It has got my name written all over it! A beautiful store filled with perfectly designed bags made of soft lambskin in deliciously pretty colors. One bag even more prettier than the other! 
            The owner of the store started a boutique (Leliegracht 16) a few years ago, creating this sort of candy store for woman filled with clothes, bags and other accessories. Eventually, he decided to begin his own brand, working together with Vince Blanchard (who collaborated previously with Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana). The bags are made off high quality material, so I think you still get real value for your money (prices are between 160 to 200 Euros). The simple brand name, Smaak (the Dutch translation of taste) is printed on pretty silver labels hanging on each bag. They gave it an original twist by putting the K in reverse.
            I really couldn't choose which one I liked the best (I actually wanted to take all of them with me), but I know for sure than soon I’ll be proudly wearing a handbag by this Dutch designer.
Marc Jacobs, eat your heart out!

Ps. And you know what the best part is? They even got a webshop!

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  1. HOi Anna! Wat een te gek verhaal heb je op je Blog geschreven over Smaak!En wat een enthousiasme in je tekst :) Erg leuk, dank voor de mooie publiciteit!:) Ik zie je graag terug bij Smaak, de donkergrijse tas staat nog steeds naar buiten te staren en te wachten totdat jij voorbijkomt!haha
    Echt een leuke blog, heb ook weer helemaal zin om naar NYC te gaan nu ik al je tips heb gelezen!Groetjes xxx Janine van Smaak