A trip to Little Italy

La Perla, Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 14, Amsterdam

Walking through the Jordaan last week, I found out that there’s a street in Amsterdam known as Little Italy. There are no white-green-red flags hanging in the streets and you can’t find a mafioso like I
gnazio "The Wolf" Lupo, but you do can find a lot of high quality Italian restaurants in this neighborhood. No doubt I had to check out one (or two, three or four..) of the restaurants over there. 

            Restaurant La Perla immediately caught my eye, because of their huge wood oven standing in the middle of the room. And we all know that’s the place where the best pizzas come from! You see, my dad built us a pizza oven in our own garden. Once you’ve tried a pizza coming from that oven, you’ll be a little bit screwed up for the rest of your life: pizza will never be the same again. Maybe it’s just being busy the whole day with making dough, heating up the oven and preparing the sauce and other ingredients, that make the pizza taste so good when you’re eventually able to try a slice, but still, they’re de-li-ci-ous! As you can see on the pictures*, we had a fabulous opening of the pizza season last Sunday, with sun, bubbles and perfect pizzas.
Though the down side of having such great pizzas at home, is that I became a real critical client with high expectations. So when I tell you something is a good pizza, you’ll know for sure it ís a good pizza ;).
          Luckily, La Perla easily passed my test. Their pizzas are great. Perfect sauce, delicious mozzarella (the use buffalo mozarella which is brought to Amsterdam twice a week from the Naples area) and fresh basil leaves. When I ate my pizza, I closed my eyes and imagined myself somewhere in Tuscany, eating that exact same pizza underneath an olive tree, hearing crickets chirp and feeling the heat of the sun on my skin. TYes, they really do serve close-to-Italian-perfection-pizzas.
            Due to fatigue we took dinner home with us, but while waiting I enjoyed reading the Italian Vogue and watching the pizza chef doing a little show for me putting the pizzas in the oven. Next time I’ll be sure to eat my pizza over there, since they also have a nice sort of ‘living room’ with a big shared table. Oh, and I’ll try their tiramisu, it looked temptingly tasty.

* My dad's pizza (oven)

Oh and another thing I really like, is that you can order products, like pastas, cheeses and wine, on their website on demand. 


  1. Dat ziet er echt overheerlijk uit!X

  2. Jammmm, jammer dat ik de pizza's in Erichem heb moeten missen! :( En dat er in Utrecht tot op heden nog geen (ontdekte) steenoven pizzeria is!

    Liefs je zus