Three in a row

In Amsterdam there are a few big parks. I do like the well-known Vondelpark, but for me it’s always a bit too crowded with drunken homeless people, soggy love couples and too excited dogs and kids. That’s why I prefer the Westerpark. I’m not saying you don’t see these kinds of scenes over there (there’s a kindergarten located inside the park.. just saying), but definitely to a much lesser extent. But why I mostly prefer the Westerpark is because of all the great bars and restaurants you can find there. Located at the Polonceaukade (near the Westergasfabriek) there are three places I’d like to highlight for you.

Pacific Parc
Polonceaukade 23
The perfect place for drinks. In the winter, when there’s a big fire place in the middle of the restaurant, or during the summer, because of their huge terrace outside. It’s great for lunch or dinner, since they serve fine food for fine prices. Oh and yes, sometimes I just go there for desert (sticky toffee pudding, hmm!). When you sit outside, don’t count on a romantic table just for the two of you, since other people might easily join you at one of the bigger tables. Though, I really enjoy the laidback vibe at this place. Another asset: they are almost always open!


Toko MC
Polonceaukade 5
Whenever I walk past this place, there always seem to be some sort of party going on. When you sit outside on their terrace, you can enjoy the Carribean tunes while sipping your modern tropical cocktails. Their interior inside looks amazing, with a coconut wooden floor and blustery wallpaper on the walls. Since the weather turned bad again I didn’t had the chance to have dinner at Toko MC, because yes, I’d prefer to eat my Jamaican, Surinam, Brazilian or Cuban inspired dinner underneath a burning sun to get the full experience. But their menu sure looks promising!


De Bakkerswinkel
Polonceaukade 1
This wouldn’t be my list if there wasn’t anything sweet on it too. De Bakkerswinkel, I love it. Located inside a pretty old building you find this spacious, but still very cozy, bakery. There’s also a big terrace outside with big wooden benches. You can go there for breakfast, lunch or high tea, since they're only opened until 5. But please, only decide to order both a brownie and a scone with home-made jam and clotted cream if you’re really hungry, cause it’s heavy! But if you do make the same 'mistake' I made, they have doggybags to take your leftovers with you.. *takes a bite of her brownie*

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