Happy List

With so many horrible things going on in the world right now, I think it’s important to realize sometimes how blessed I am (we are). And to count your blessings, to reflect on the things that really make your life worth living. So every once in a while, I write down the 10 things that made me incredibly happy that particular day. It makes me smile and sometimes I even find it hard to just pick out 10 happy-moments. I scrolled back trough my note book and picked out a few of them I wrote down the last couple of days, as a start of sharing my ‘things that made me incredible happy today’-lists with you.
  1. The smell of rain on hot pavement 
  2. Having a tv-dinner with delicious pizza and wine (and eating left-over pizza for breakfast, just because I felt like it)
  3. The discovery of even more freckles on my face
  4. The way you feel after a long sunny day on the beach (and how good a cold beer tastes afterwards)
  5. The snoring of my grandmother 
  6. The sight of my two favorite men in the world together
  7. Eating cupcakes, drinking tea and talking for hours with a friend at the Teabar
  8. Starting a new book with very promising first pages
  9. A little Ben&Jerry’s truck parked in front of my house. Hello message from above!
  10. When a lovely memory just pops into your head and gives you butterflies in your stomach all over again

Before you go to bed tonight, make a mental lists of things that made you happy today.

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  1. I love freckles too! :) And I really adore all small things that make life beautiful, it's nice that you enjoy them too :) love x