What: Bruchetta, my all time favorite antipasti.

How: Lately I'm trying out different variations, adding some new ingredients to my 'basic recipe'. But let's start with the basic for four big bruchetta's or about ten small ones. Cut two fleshy tomatoes in pieces, add one red onion (also small pieces) and add a big clove of garlic. Put plenty of (fine) olive oil in there and make sure you add some pepper and salt as well. If you have some, please add a few leaves of chopped fresh basil, 'cause that's delicious. If not, dried basil is fine too. That’s it for the basic bruchetta mix. If you like, you can try to add some parmigano cheese, tiny slices of (preferably buffalo-) mozzarella or even some sliced red pepper. When that’s finished, get a small bow and fill it with olive oil and add two big cloves of garlic. Stir it well. (Stir it up; little darlin', stir it up. Come on, baby)

For the bread, I like to use ciabatta but thin sliced baguette will do too. Rub one side with the garlic oil you’ve made and put it in the oven for about 5/10 minutes. (It depends on your kind of oven: mine is totally untrustworthy so it depends on hís mood actually how long it takes for my bread to get a little bit brown and crispy).

Get your bread out of the oven and put some of your bruchetta mix on top of it while the bread is still warm, that makes it even better! Eat it with a fine glass of red wine, preferably sitting outside and listing to some good music :)

When: Oh what the heck, you can even make it when it’s snowing outside and eat it underneath the Christmas tree, if you like..

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