What: Vapiano, the place for fast and casual dining in Amsterdam

Where: Oosterdokskade 145, near Amsterdam Central Station

Money business: You have to pay with a 'chip card': everything you order is put on a card and when you leave the restaurant you hand in your card and you pay the bill. A pretty small bill too actually, since you pay around €8,00 for pasta's and pizza's, €4,50 for a glass of wine and about €7,00 for some antipasti. Uh-oh, did I just created a new favorite cheap-and-easy-dining-place?

And for all you Einzelgängers out there: It’s also the perfect hang-out for when you’re alone. It’s spacious bit still kinda cozy and always busy. Easy blending in!

And..: they serve delicious Illy coffee!

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