Happy List V

Even though the weather isn’t perfect, there’s still so much to make you happy right? These are my moments..
  1. A big pile of fine magazines and travel books (plus a comfy couch and lots of green tea!)
  2. Having spaghetti with tomato sauce for lunch ánd dinner
  3. My grandparents visiting me in Amsterdam (granddad wore his safari jacket, since Amsterdam is some sort of exciting jungle for them ha-ha)
  4. Buying overpriced but totally delicious macarons in Paris
  5. Still being absolutely in love
  6. The combination of puff pastry, tomato and mozzarella out of the oven..  Need I say more?
  7. The thought of our trip to China getting closer and closer (we’re leaving this Monday! Aah!)
  8. Spending a couple of days in France, just drinking wine, eating cheese en doing nothing. Perfect!
  9. The enormous fireworks next to the Eifel tower on Quatorze Juillet (oh, and the overload of man in uniforms in the streets because of the Défilé)
  10. This might get boring, but: eating cupcakes! (hello.. they were pink with colored sprinkles..)
Did I already reached ten? Damn, there are so much more happy moments to share! Well.. next time then. There’s only one I’d still like to highlight, that makes me very very happy:

* My debut as an editor at P.C.! *

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