Cupcakes in Amsterdam #3

The Darling, Runstraat 4, Amsterdam

Yes, another favorite is born! This boutique located in the Nine Streets in Amsterdam is a little girl’s dream coming to life. The combination of vintage and new items in the shops looked great, but I must admit I had my mind set on just one thing: cupcakes and tea! So we sat down at a cute table upstairs and looked around. Even if you’re sad, down or grumpy, you can’t leave this place without a smile on your face (well.. maybe men can ha-ha). And we order tea and cupcakes, a vanilla- and a rose flavored one to be exactly. Not only did they taste amazing, they looked fabulous as well. The Darling gets her cupcakes from The Queens of Tarts, which have their own atelier in Amsterdam.
Don’t miss this spot when you’re shopping!

Photo: The Queen of
Photo: Iphone.. Sadly forgot to bring my camera
Photo: The

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